Bio-inspired Factory Layouts for Optimal Material Flow


2018 Joint International Bionic Engineering and Biomimetics Conference - IWBE - IBO

Jun-2018: The conference at the Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel-Aviv University, Israel hosted a number of internationally renowned researchers including Vladimir Pavlov from Stanford University, USA and Ehud Gazit who has publications in the journals Nature and Science. Daniel Tinello and Manfred Drack from the BioFacLay project each gave talks at the conference about biomimetics in factory layout planning (see download below for abstract) and biomimetics as a science respectively.

27th German Material Flow Congress

Mar-2018: A number of German-speaking logistics experts and companies came together at the material flow congress to present their research and discuss the trends in logistics. Daniel Tinello gave a talk about applying principles of biologic design to logistics layout planning.