Project Partners


Industrial Partner

KNAPP is the only industrial partner of the project. The company provides warehouse layouts and corresponding material flow data from existing industry solutions of automated warehouses. Those layouts are the basis for further analysis.

TU Wien

Research Partner

The TU Wien under the direction of Professor Gebeshuber together with the University of Tübingen searches the nature for principles which in a subsequent step are employed in warehouse optimisation.

Eberhard Karls University

Research Partner

The University of Tübingen is the second leg of the biology team. Under the management of Doctor Drack the department looks for biological solutions which can be applied to warehouse layout planning alongside with the TU Wien.

Graz University of Technology

Research Partner

The Graz University of Technology under the direction of Mag. Tinello applies the findings of the biology team to warehouse layout planning and optimisation. Factory and warehouse layouts based on biological principles are generated and compared to the original layouts. 

Brandenburg University of Technology

Research Partner

The Brandenburg University of Technology under the management of Professor Winkler evaluates the bio-derived layouts with regard to feasibility and productivity.